Beat Back Indoor Dust

Beat Back Indoor Dust

Whether you’re at home or at the office, you don’t have to look too hard to find dust in almost any indoor environment.


If you have ever wondered how that dust ball in the corner got created, scientist that study these matters say that about one-third comes from fibers that occur when everyday items like clothing, rugs, and furniture begin to deteriorate.   The remaining two-thirds might make you a bit more squeamish as it is comprised of organic material like skin flakes, pet dander, human hair, tree pollen, soil, food crumbs, and dead bugs.


Now that you’ve probably learned more than you really wanted about the origin of dust, here are a few tips on how to keep indoor dust under control.


Beat Rugs.  A regular vacuuming twice a week is always a good idea, but if your rugs are luggable, nothing gets rid out ground in dust like a good old outdoor rug beating.


Clean Screens.  Window screens may be good for keeping out insects, but they are magnets for collecting outdoor airborne particles like tree pollen and dirt.  To keep window screens dust-free, brush the screen with a clean paint brush.


Wear Slippers.  Once you arrive at home or even the office, remove your shoes and change into a comfortable pair of slippers to keep from tracking dirt inside.  Hopefully, your boss won’t mind.


Reduce Clutter.  Lots of clutter usually means lots of dust.  Shelves full of framed pictures, a messy clothing closet, or a desk with a dozen gadgets all provide lots of nooks where dust can easily collect.

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