Warehouse Shopping Unleashed

about us

What if you could skip the trip to the big box stores and instead shop a virtual warehouse from the comfort of your home or business?  Just imagine, no more wandering up and down massive aisles, no more waiting in long checkout lines, no more membership fees, and - best of all - no more wasting time traveling back and forth from the mega shopping centers.

Well, we’ve created that virtual warehouse shopping experience for you.  Welcome to!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make life easier for high-volume shoppers.  If you are a warehouse shopper, chances are pretty good that you lead a busy life.  Whether you’re buying granola bars for your workplace break room, frosting for you cupcake business, or loading up on paper plates for the neighborhood block party, we know you need to buy lots of goods and don’t have lots of time to waste.  That’s why we created StockUpExpress.

At StockUpExpress, we sell case-size quantities of grocery, personal care, and household items from hundreds of national and regional brands.  Need a case of Kellogg’s cereal. . . we’ve got it.  Need 50 cases of Progresso soup. . . we’ve got that too.  Since we are all about convenience, items in our cases are the normal shelf-size, not the jumbo club-size packaging offered at the big box stores.

We Don’t Sell Shoes

Unlike other online shopping sites, we are focused on selling only those goods that you consume the most.  We figure that you are not interested in buying a digital camera with your pancake mix so we've focused on keeping things simple, efficient, and clutter-free.  With just a few clicks, you can order what you need and be on your way.  At StockUpExpress, you will not see any offers to join the shoe-of-the-month club.

Our Background

We began developing StockUpExpress in 2014.  Our parent company, iMarket Technologies, LLC, was also launched in 2014 and is led by a team of executives with deep experience in warehouse operations, consumer packaged goods merchandising, logistics, and online retailing. 

We’re not going to bore you here with any goofy profile pictures or flowery biographies.  Instead, we’d rather be judged on how well we deliver on our promise to provide you with a great online shopping experience.  We hope you enjoy the site and thanks for stopping in.