What Do You Know About CBD And CBG?

In recent years, Cannabinoids have been widely adopted and used as a dietary supplement. While many people have tried CBD products, CBG is a newer and less known cannabinoid that is slowly making its way to health store shelves.

So, what is the difference between CBD and CBG?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound that has multiple health benefits that are being confirmed by scientists and doctors. CBD isolate is derived from flowers of cannabis, but it does not make the consumer “high” and it does not cause any addiction. Consumption of CBD is suggesting it may help with anxiety, inflammation, chronic pains and many more conditions.

Another trending extract made out of cannabis flowers is CBG (cannabigerol). Like CBD, it does not make the consumer high and is not addictive compound. CBG is harder to obtain and it is present in the flowers in very little quantities. Multiple researches are being done on CBG and it has great potential to become a natural solution for people who are looking to improve the overall way their body feels. Studies show that CBG can enhance eye health by reducing intracranial pressure, which is very important for people who work in front of the screen a lot. It was reported by consumers that it also relieves the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and even post-chemo nausea.

Taurigum is a leading company that creates CBD and CBG products from the purest, ethically and sustainably produced CBD and CBG. Taurigum products are vegan, halal, kosher and certified THC-free.

It is common to ingest CBD in a form of oils, which can be greasy, inconvenient to use and has a specific taste that many people do not like. Taurigum makes it easy to take CBD and CBG supplements in different, consumer friendly forms, such as gum, bath bombs, chocolates, honey, and even dog treats. You can chew a piece of CBD gum on the way to a stressful meeting, on a long plane trip or while waiting for your morning coffee. And after an active and fulfilling or long and stressful day, you can wash off the tension while soaking in the CBD or CBG bath.

The CBD gum line is now available on Stock Up Express in Mint, Blood Orange and Pomegranate flavors.

The CBG gum line is available in Black Currant and Peach-Lemon flavors.

Taurigum bath bombs are available in corresponding flavors: CBD infused fresh Mint, citrusy Blood Orange, sweet Pomegranate and CBG infused Black Currant and Peach-Lemon.

Additionally, try their CBD free flavor: Immune Booster Pear Bellini gum and bath bomb.

As the cannabinoids become more popular and common health supplement ingredient, Taurigum is broadening their line of production, continuing to give their customers the best experience and quality of their products.