Why Your Dishwasher Is Better For The Environment

We’re here to save the planet, one dish at a time.

As a wholesale, e-commerce site, we are proud to say that buying in bulk online and shipping products saves a great deal of carbon emissions. All of those trips to the store are cut down, and no plastic bags. Here’s another green tip – switch to the dishwasher!

Did you know that your dishwasher uses three to four times less water than washing the same amount by hand? All of those droplets add up, and we’re here to give you some tips and products to keep our planet, and your kitchen, green!

1. Don’t Run The Dishwasher Until It’s Completely Full

While the dishwasher saves water, it saves even more when you are diligent in your routine. Be patient and efficient, and wait until the machine is full before you run it!


2. Don’t Rinse Your Dishes First

We know, this is a hard urge to fight, but trust us – it is worth it! Let your dishwasher do the cleaning and save time and water. Plus, products like Cascade are less-effective on rinsed dishes because their detergents do their job by attaching to food particles.

3. Use Dishwasher Pods

With recyclable packaging, pods are the new, environmentally-friendly, way to go when it comes to detergent. Easier to carry and use, these one-use, no-waste pods have changed the game. Our top pick: Seventh Generation Natural Dishwasher Packs.