How To Get Your Home Ready To Host This Holiday Season

The doorbell rings and the first guests have arrived. You pop the champagne bottle, turn up the music and get the party started! But have you done everything you could to get the home ready before you hosted this holiday season? Here are some of the best tips and products to help you be prepared for everything.

Step 1: Get Those Floors Shining

When your floors look good, the rest of the room comes together. If you need to get a professional-looking polish done in a pinch, our go-to is Swiffer’s WetJet Wood Mopping Pads. Remove dirt and grime and end up with a beautiful finish. Don’t have hardwood floors? Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths work great on kitchen and bathroom tile!


2. Leave Out Extra Toiletries For Your Guests

If you are having guests stay overnight for the holidays, a nice touch is to leave out fresh towels, soap, shampoo and other toiletries to make them feel right at home during their stay. It is also courteous to put new foaming soap dispensers in all of the guest bathrooms – one of our favorite scents is Method’s Foaming Sea Minerals Hand Wash.


3. Mask Odors With Scented Or Odor-Blocking Trash Bags

There is a lot of cooking during the holiday season, which means there is a lot of trash. The kitchen is often one of the most populated areas on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it is crucial to keep it fresh and inviting. Be consistent when taking out the trash (it may be a few trips throughout the day) and use fresh-scented garbage bags like Glad’s OdorShield Fresh Clean Scent Tall Kitchen Bags. Trust us, this is an issue you want to prepare for, rather than thinking of it when it’s too late!


4. Keep The Whole House Smelling Fresh And Festive

You don’t want to just focus on masking odors or the room you’re in, you should have all of your floors and rooms smelling festive for the occasion. Guest bathrooms and guest bedrooms are a great space for a festive scented candle like Apple Cinnamon, while Clean Linen will freshen up the laundry room. A safe candle alternative is Glade’s Apple Cinnamon Spray or Air Wick’s Oil Refills – a big hit is Mrs. Claus Enchanted Holiday Apple Pie Scented Oil.

5. Have Cleaning Wipes And Carpet Cleaner On Hand

Holiday hosting automatically signs you up for the possibility of spills and accidents. Be prepared with a quick, reliable cleaning wipe that will get the job done quickly. Pledge’s Multi Surface Wipes tackle granite, glass, metal, wood and electronics. You should also have a strong carpet cleaner on hand. We suggest Resolve Stain Remover for a quick, one-time fix!


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