4 Easy Steps To Improve Your Breakroom

It’s time to change the conversation about lunch breaks. The average person spends 13 years and 2 months at work, so shouldn’t they get the most out of their workplace? Help flip the script and learn about the benefit of a stress-free, creative space for workers to visit during the day. There are even facts to back you up! Just ask Forbes:


Here are some tips and products to make the most out of your breakroom!


1. Create A Space That Is Conversation-Friendly

Whether your employees want to talk shop or share memes, your breakroom space should promote creative conversations. Offer a comfortable seating area, tables, and other spaces that will be an escape from crammed cubicles and encourage collaboration.


2. Mix Things Up With A Coffee Bar

You can’t have a breakroom without coffee. Save your employees time and money on daily Starbucks runs and set up a fun coffee bar instead. Kcups are quick, easy and inexpensive. Adding in teas, hot chocolate and other beverage options are a plus in case some employees aren’t coffee fans.

Our Suggested Items: Starbucks House Blend K-CupsDunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Medium Roast K-CupYogi Kava Stress Relief TeaYork Peppermint Hot Chocolate


3. Personalize The Space

Set your breakroom apart from others and instill company pride by personalizing the space. Quotes of the company mottos, pictures of staff events and other decor makes work a positive place where memories are made.


4. Offer Trendy Snacks

Avoid the everyday vending machine and offer up a hip snack bar instead! Putting out free snacks is a huge pick-me-up for your employees and keeps energy levels up.

Our Suggested Items: Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, Nutella & Go With BreadsticksGlutino Gluten-Free Vanilla Creme CookiesQuaker Popped Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Rice CrispsJustin’s Maple Almond Butter Packs


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